CSA Touching Earth Farm: Community Supported Agriculture in Kittery, Maine

Our name is inspired by an incident from the life of the Buddha. When challenged as to his right to sit beneath the Bodhi Tree, the Buddha didn't answer but simply touched his hand to the ground. The earth goddess Sthavara then rose from the earth to recount the past deeds that had led to his Enlightenment. Whether or not growing vegetables leads to our Enlightenment, we intend to call Sthavara to witness our endeavors and aspire to do nothing to offend her. We commit to ecologically sound growing practices that produce nutritious food and replenish the land. We intend to help change the way people shop for and consume food by providing a friendly local source.

Touching Earth Farm * 22 Stevenson Road, Kittery Maine, 03904  * 207-439-4023
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